Ni-Ti Heat Activate Wire feed

  • Nickel Titanium is a non- toxic , non – magnetic, clinically proven highly biocompatible alloy.
  • Shape – memory wire that is highly elastic,durable and has a larger working range than stainless steel wires.
  • This wires remain flexible even after repeated deformation.
  • Easy manipulation and installation: Flexible and pliable at room temperature.
  • Exerts less force than the super elastic arch wires.
  • Achieve gentle torque forces at the early stage of treatment.
  • According to room or body temperature, these archwires have a different behaviour.These archwires can be permanently bent with a plier at room temperature, but after insertion, at mouth temperatre of about 37° C, they revert to their initial programmed shape, delivering light and continuous forces to teeth.This feature makes their insertion misaligned bracket slots easier and reduce pacient's trauma.

Last Updated: Friday, 05 June 2020 22:09